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At the Al-Amal Academy we strive to ensure that your child receives an excellent education. An education that is focused on high achievement for all students. Our staff is committed to making sure this happens for every student by adopting innovative and student centred approaches to teaching. This is what we do and this is what we are proud of accomplishing in order to ensure high achievement for all students at Al-Amal Academy.


To accomplish our goal of high achievement for all students we are heavily focused on literacy, numeracy, and Science at Al-Amal Academy. Specifically, at the elementary level, grades KG-6, we adopt a balanced literacy approach that concentrates on the 4 strands of language arts: reading, writing, oral communication and media literacy. Achievement in each strand centres upon knowledge and understanding, application, communication and thinking. In a typical classroom at Al-Amal Academy you will see this in action through various approaches such as read alouds, shared reading, literacy stations and extensive communication through conferencing and student lead presentations. Numeracy is also heavily student centred through differentiated instruction that meets the learning needs of students in problem solving, reasoning, communication, connection and mental mathematics. While the Science program at Al-Amal Academy is extensively built upon Science Inquiry and exploration coupled with problem solving through the use of technology. It is a challenging program but one that promises to foster high achievement through investigation, and reflection.


The heart of our learning at the elementary level is our Arabic and Islamic Studies program that is unique in comparison to many of the programs throughout the city and Canada as a whole. We are focusing on bringing to life our religion and its teachings by first and foremost understanding our sacred book, the Holy Quran, and the words and messages that are related to us in it. Specifically, our adoption of a Quranic Arabic program rather than just Arabic as a heritage language program allows our students to engage with the Book; to open its pages, read it and understand it as it was understood in its first years of revelation. Along with learning tajweed and memorization of key verses the Quranic Arabic program is extensive and comprehensive in its approach in connecting our students to Islam. Finally, the Islamic Studies program is highly engaging for our students. The curriculum adopted as produced by Safar Publications of the UK is one that is comprehensive in its approach in learning of AqidahFiqh, History, Sirah and Personal/ Character Development. Yet, the most engaging aspect of the curriculum is the technology support that is provided either as tools for students learning or as resources for further understanding at home. 


The academic program at the elementary level at Al-Amal Academy is unique in that it offers programs such as media literacy and Quranic Arabic but yet it is also challenging in its expectations and dedication to learning across all the subjects. We believe in our program! We believe that it will ensure not only high achievement for all students but it will also ensure excellence in learning at Al-Amal Academy.


Our elementary level is comprised of two divisions:

Division One: Kindergarten to Grade 3

Division Two: Grade 4 to Grade 6

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