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The 21st Century Learner: Driving Learning through Technology

At Al-Amal Academy we believe that a modern and effective learning environment is critical to the growth of our students in today’s society.  In this respect we ensure that technology plays a very important part in our students’ learning. We provide students from K-6 access to a mobile Chromebook cart for learning while Junior High students are encouraged to bring their own device. Furthermore there are student computer stations in classrooms and throughout the learning commons area.  Each classroom is equipped with a interactive teaching tool such as projector or large screen TVs for optimal student-centred approaches in the teaching and learning.

We also believe in the opportunities for learning that such technology access provides our students and staff. Using technology enables our students to engage in transformative learning experiences that are varied and that provide experiences that build such student competencies as critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity, collaboration and cultural and global citizenship.

Finally, it is through these transformative learning and teaching experiences that we at Al-Amal Academy can support our students in becoming 21st Century Global Citizens.

Technology Use: K-6 Chromebooks provided and grades 7-9 bring your own device.

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