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Al-Amal Academy is a full-time accredited K – 9 school, operated by the Pen and Paper Foundation in partnership with the Prairie Land Public School Division. The school serves the Muslim community of Calgary and beyond. Al-Amal Academy strives to be a leading Muslim educational institute which aims to instill high achievements for all students with exemplary character founded on community.

Al-Amal Academy provides an Islamic learning environment with a commitment to high achievement for all students by using innovative teaching practices to cultivate an advanced academic program that is fully compliant with the Alberta Program of Studies. We are a K to 9 school with a wide variety of learning opportunities for our students outside of the regular classroom such as foreign language clubs, computer science clubs, sports clubs and debate clubs. We ensure that we provide our students with exceptional resources, through the use of technology, that fosters high student achievement and prepares our pupils to pursue higher education. It is our aim to empower our students by cultivating their interests and perfecting their academic skills and character as confident Canadian-Muslim citizens in Canada.

Al Amal Academy is proud to offer:

  • An accredited program of studies fully compliant with the Alberta curriculum
  • A great Islamic environment for growing and learning
  • Fostering student achievement that exceeds provincial standards of excellence in a variety of subject areas
  • Islamic Studies, Quran, and Tahfeez programs
  • Arabic department offering Quranic Arabic as a Language program
  • Physical Education programs at least 3 times a week coupled with competitive after-school sports teams
  • A safe and caring learning environment based upon positive relationships between students and their peers and most importantly with their teachers.

Take this opportunity to discover the possibilities at the Al-Amal Academy where we strive to prepare our students for bright futures!

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