The Al-Amal High School Online Academy offers Alberta Education accredited high school courses for full credits in English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Islamic Studies and Quranic/ Arabic Language leading to an Alberta High School Diploma for University admissions. We are an accredited fully funded school with the Prairie Land Public School Division and are open to all students in Alberta, other Canadian provinces and Internationally.

Our online high school aims to integrate Islamic teachings in all the high school courses we offer. Registered students have the opportunity to obtain high school credits full-time or part-time to complete their Alberta Education Diploma online without ever having to enter a regular classroom. We provide an online learning environment that is Safe, academically Successful and where you are Known as an important part of our Islamic learning community.


Nurturing Well-Rounded Muslims in a Safe Online Environment

Al-Amal High School Online Academy fosters excellence, offering a secure online learning environment that integrates Islamic values and principles into core subjects. This unique approach empowers your child to thrive academically while nurturing their faith in a supportive online community.


Synchronous Classes are Available in Core Classes
All core classes offer one semester of synchronous classes where you actually attend class via Zoom and listen to direct instruction from the teacher, get help on questions, meet your classmates, and learn about assignment expectations.
Asynchronous Classes
Asynchronous Classes are also available part-time and full-time. This allows you to enroll in classes that have a bit more freedom with your work schedule. Be aware – there are still deadlines!
Recorded Classes
All of our “LIVE” classes are recorded so if you can not make it to class, the actual recording, complete with student questions is available during the whole term.
CANVAS Learning Management System
CANVAS Learning Management System is where students receive and hand in all assignments and quizzes. At the start of the school year, there will be orientation sessions for all of our students that lays out the software needed and explains the procedures for submitting assignments.


Full Time Students

Our full time students attend scheduled Zoom classes live for all core subjects. Class participation is encouraged but not required.

Students attend class usually about twice a week per course and are encouraged to complete the assigned work between live classes on their own schedule.

Live classes are recorded and can be viewed later.

Part Time Students

Our Part-Time students take Asynchronous courses. This allows our students to watch the recorded classes whenever it works for their schedules and completing the assignments before they watch the next lecture. 

Teachers will be emailing students who are falling behind encouraging them to submit assignments. 

Teachers are also available for questions by email or scheduled Zoom meetings for these students also.


All full-time out of province students (Canadian students living outside of Alberta but in Canada) and international students (students usually living outside of Canada and with a foreign nationality) will be required to pay course fees since they are not residents of Alberta and thus not fully funded. Every effort is made to ensure affordable course fees per credit.

2024 – 2025 school year course fees are as follows:

  • Out of province students will pay $140.00 CA per credit

  • International students will pay $175.00 CA per credit.

For example, if an out of province student takes a 5 credit course such as Math 10C the cost would be $700.00 CA (5 X $140.00) and for International Students the cost for the same course would be $860.00 CA (5 X $175.00). The cost for a full-time out of province student taking 35 credits ( this is considered full-time) would be 35 credits X $140.00/credit = $4900.00 CA and for a full-time international student it would be 35 x $175.00/credit = $6125.00 CA per school year.

Upon successful completion of the Al-Amal High School program with at least 100 credits as specified in the Alberta High School Diploma requirements, students are qualified to apply to any Canadian or American or International University ensuring they meet the specific grade point average (GPA) for admissions along with any other requirements determined by the university for the specific program selected.

Integrating Islamic Values & Principles

At Al-Amal High School Online Academy, we believe education goes beyond textbooks. We integrate Islamic values and principles seamlessly into our core curriculum, fostering a holistic learning experience for your child, through value-driven instruction and character development.

This unique approach empowers your child to develop a strong Islamic identity while achieving academic excellence.


  • Computer or laptop with a FULL operating system
    (a Chromebook is NOT sufficient for online classes)
  • High Speed Internet
  • Speakers or headset with microphone
  • Microphone
  • Printer/Scanner


  • Microsoft Office provide for FREE
  • Canvas Learning Management System; will be provided.
  • Chrome browser

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The Al-Amal High School Online Academy is collaborating with Basira Education to create a fully integrated Islamic Studies curriculum that teaches students how to place their modern high-school education into an intelligent Islamic worldview.

The first step of this collaboration is to offer Basira Education’s flagship “Why Islam is True” course as a fully accredited grade 10 Islamic Studies course. This course teaches students rational arguments for the truth of Islam. This is the most effective way to protect them from the religious doubts that they encounter in modern society. The Islamic Studies teacher for this course has been trained by Basira Education to deliver this course.

Our future collaborations with Basira will include the integration of these rational arguments into the Grade 10, 11, and 12 Science courses, as well the deployment and curricular integration of two other Islamic Studies courses.

Give your child the gift of a secure, values-based online education

Start their journey at Al-Amal High School Online Academy!


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