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A Beacon of Hope and Integrity

The Al-Amal Academy bases its teachings on the universal and moral values of Islam.  Our basic Islamic values are emphasized and integrated throughout the curriculum in all of our subjects and during the day with morning dua and afternoon prayer, dhur.

There are essentially 4 virtues that make up the core of our character education program in the elementary and junior high divisions: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice. Our students will learn about Wisdom; specifically how to discern right from wrong and then show Courage in their actions with a balance that produces nobility, dignity and trustworthiness. Furthermore, students will learn about temperance as the ability to live in moderation in order to show generosity, patience, tolerance and humility. Finally, at Al-Amal Academy we will encourage our students to practice justice; to act with proper adab with all people, all the time. Our students are encouraged to apply these virtues in the classroom, on the playground, in sports competitions, on field trips and in the community.

An important part of student life at Al-Amal Academy is the daily prayer and the real-life applications of faith. Our students will be actively involved in annual events such as the Quran competition, Islamic charitable activities, and Eid performances.

Islamic Studies

The cornerstone of the education for students at the Al-Amal Academy is to familiarize the students with the Islamic beliefs and practices to ultimately instill taqwa which results in a love for Allah (SWT) and the Prophetic example. To accomplish this, students get daily instruction in three basic areas: Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies and the Arabic Language. 

The Islamic Studies curriculum is based upon Safar Publications Islam series of student textbooks, workbooks and online resources. The Islam series is comprehensive in that it teaches aqidah, fiqh, Islamic history, sirahand personal development. As students progress from one grade level to the other, they learn how to practice the basic rituals of worship, Ibadat, and the Articles of FaithThey learn important parts of the life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and recognize his significance to Muslims and the world. They learn about the lives of other prophets and analyze their stories for important lessons while also being introduced to Islamic History and Civilization, and Muslims in the contemporary world.  

In addition, to the excellent resources and curriculum developed by Safar Publications we believe that the teachings of Islam must be integrated throughout the day and most importantly in other subjects. This approach allows our students to understand that our values and beliefs are a part of our daily lives. In order to fulfill this objective we require all our homeroom Muslim teachers to teach Islamic Studies to their own students and incorporate these teachings back in their regular subjects such as English, Science and Social Studies. It is a powerful approach that ensures that Islam is lived and understood at all times.

For more information about our Islamic Studies program please visit Safar Publications by clicking the link below:

Safar Publications: Learn about Islam Series

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