Al-Amal Academy

The final year at al-amal academy (7-9)

A Beacon of Hope and Integrity


The purpose of our Junior High division is to continue providing excellence in learning coupled with practicing exemplary character. Our goal is to ensure that our students, when they graduate in grade 9, will be academically strong, show beautiful Islamic character and will have formed amazing relationships with their peers and teachers to form a strong sense of community that is founded upon an Islamic Canadian identity.

The Junior High Division is a time of growth in a student’s life filled with physiological and emotional changes. At the foundation of these new and complex changes is the formation of positive relationships. Building relationships is central at this stage and is what we at the Al-Amal Academy pride in supporting and building. Through such practices as community circles, mentoring and restorative practices we will build a safe and caring environment for students. These positive relationships that our students will have formed and know how to form will benefit them tremendously as they proceed into the next stage of their life, High School.

Our Junior High division will provide the full complement of core subjects as approved and required by Alberta Education coupled with higher expectations and standards that involve a more inquiry based approach that builds engaged thinkers and ethical citizens. Furthermore, Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies, and Arabic Language courses will continue to play a big part in the foundational learning of our Junior High students.
As our students progress through the educational program we will continue to strive to offer a wide range of opportunities for creativity, sport and service to the community. In this context, students are encouraged to develop to their full intellectual, social, moral, physical, creative, emotional and individual potential through project-based learning, extra-curricular activities, and a student-centered instruction and assessment pedagogy.

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