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Athletics and Clubs at the Al-Amal Academy

Athletics and Field Trips

At the Al-Amal Academy, health and wellness is an instrumental part in the growth and development of our students. To enhance our students’ athletic development, there are many athletic opportunities offered to students throughout the school year. In association with the Calgary Alternative Athletic Association (C.A.A.A), Al-Amal offers boys-only and girls-only competitive sports teams that compete against 15 other Calgary and Airdrie schools:

  • Cross – Country Running (September – October)
  • Volleyball                            (September – November)
  • Basketball                           (November – February)
  • Badminton                          (March – April)
  • Soccer                                 (May)
  • Track and Field                  (May)

In addition to extra-curricular sports, students have also participated in plenty of athletic field trips. These field trips expose students to an alternative form of Physical Education, and provide students an experience that they will remember with their peers for the rest of the school year and beyond:

  • Mini Golf
  • Ice Skating
  • Bowling
  • Kickboxing
  • Skiing (2024)

Clubs and Options

In each of the 3 terms throughout the school year, students have a Club-Option class implemented into their school schedule every Friday. All students Grade 1 and older receive 5 choices to choose 1 from, and will participate in that club each Friday for a 6 week period. Clubs vary from board game club, cooking club, chess club, French club, running club, arts and crafts clubs, and many more!

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