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First Full Time Islamic School in the NW Calgary

Al Amal Academy

A Beacon of Values & Integrity

Since many years there has been a desire in having a full-time school in NW Calgary with an Islamic environment which shall be equivalent to excellence with the education models mandated by CBE.

In fact, hundreds of students commute to other quadrants of the City in receiving the same.

Alhumdulillah, we are provided with an opportunity to realize this dream project under the auspices of MCC and IANWC in a brand-new building. An enthusiastic, dedicated team of the NW community professionals is engaged in establishing a primary school to start in September’2020, inshallah The first fulltime Islamic school of NW Calgary, Al Amal Academy will offer:

  • Excellent learning that is child-centric
  • Islamic-values through technology-driven teaching.
  • Skills on how to significantly contribute to a progressive, peaceful and prosperous community.
  • Foster an environment where innovation, trust and integrity are encouraged
  • Raise the generations as empowered, competent, knowledgeable and value-driven leaders

Our education model embraces the fact that every child comes with his/her own aspirations. To meet these needs, we believe it is important to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence.

Due to the focus on not only the Alberta Education curriculum, but Quran’s

teachings and Islamic studies as well, this Islamic school cultivates an

environment where diversity and interest in abundance of subject areas is highly encouraged by our educators.

This Elementary Islamic School is run under a nonprofit organization. So, donation receipts against a major portion of fees is given.

We invite you to visit our facility. Be an owner of this awesome project, ask questions and give suggestions so we may work together to find the best ways of providing the finest possible education for our children.

For queries write to: info@al-amalacademy.com

Hurry in pre-registering your child(ren) before the seats are gone!

A project by MCC & IANWC

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In defining our vision, we have extracted the many ideas, feelings and voices that make up our multinational community.

To create an opportunity that enables every student to be well informed, well rounded, God-conscious, confident and caring individuals and develop a love for lifelong learning.


Provide quality education with an emphasis on integrity, purpose, equality and self-worth.

  • Provide scientifically planned, multi-dimensional and skill-oriented personality development.
  • Develop a strong belief in the limitless opportunities by empowering every child to become morally responsible and emotionally resilient members of the community. 


Al Amal Academy will deliver learning excellence that is Islamic value-based, Child centric and technology-driven. Learning skills are delivered through the curriculum as a whole producing students who are: Creative thinkers, Team workers, Effective participants, Independent enquirers, Self-managers. We are proud to include Arabic language, Islamic Studies (Tauheed, Seerah, History and Fiqh) and Quran memorization into the regular Alberta Education curriculum.

Admission Requirement

A warm welcome from our admissions team!

We at Al Amal Academy understand the importance of finding the best school for your children and we can help you make this decision an easy and positive experience.

  • The annual fee will be CAD2000/- with sibling discount.
  • Discount for low-income families
  • Transportation can be arranged at an additional cost.

Al-Amal Highlights

Brand New Facility
Over 50,000 sqft.
Progressive Expansion
Transportation Available
Indoor & Outdoor Play area
Low Students to Teacher Ratio
Low Income Family Plans
Siblings Discount

Limited Spots – Low Students Teacher Ratio

School Starts September 2020

*Final admission confirmation is subject to the facility approval by authorities. Please don’t cancel the existing or ongoing admissions of your child with other schools, while pre-registering with Al-Amal Academy. Following the admission confirmations, the current school will be requested to transfer the enrolled students to Al-Amal Academy. This should happen ahead of the school start date.

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